Partner with us, and let’s grow together.

We’re building a network of top-tier dermatology practices where physicians like you can focus on patient treatment, while our team of experts handles practice management in full collaboration with you.

While you continue providing high-quality patient care, we’ll work tirelessly to streamline your back-office functions; improve operations; and identify the complementary services, products, and passive or ancillary revenue streams that will fill out your practice’s portfolio of offerings.

Why Join Skin and Aesthetic Centers?

Physician Leadership

We understand the issues facing dermatologists and we’re here to support you and your providers.

Total Clinical Autonomy

We stand for supporting practices providing top-quality patient care, which means doctors treating patients without any management pressure or quotas.

Industry-Leading Management Support

Our team of industry experts supports every aspect of running a dermatology practice and assists with navigating the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

Young and Rapidly Growing

Join as an early partner in Skin and Aesthetic Centers, and benefit from future growth.

Develop New Service Lines

Our team can support the addition of capabilities in research, surgery, cosmetics, plastics, medspa services, vein care, and more, providing the capital to purchase necessary equipment.

Keep Your Staff

Good people are hard to come by, especially in this day and age. We want to help you keep your staff and expand its abilities.

Flexible Deal Structures

Share your goals with us and we’ll tailor a deal structure to your situation.

Flat organizational structure with a bias for action

We address any needs quickly, without requiring our doctors to go through layers of bureaucracy.

Join a Dermatologist Network

Our current network of physicians will become an added peer group with whom you can share best practices and collaborate on improvements.

Technology Stack

Your practice will be outfitted with a cutting-edge technology stack and will enjoy expert IT guidance and system support.

Process Overview

1. Initial Discussion

  • Learn about Skin and Aesthetic Centers
  • Sign an NDA
  • Share basic information with us about you and your practice

2. Letter of Intent

  • We’ll evaluate your practice
  • A deal structure will be established
  • Information will be exchanged

3. Due Diligence

  • We’ll conduct a financial review to determine your quality of earnings
  • Legal due diligence will be performed, including a chart audit
  • We will fully review your practice and operations
  • Final agreements will be prepared
  • The schedule will be closed

4. Closing

  • The final purchase and employment agreements will be signed, along with other documents
  • We’ll prepare you for integration
  • You and your team will be welcomed!

5. Onboarding

  • You’ll have an orientation with the Skin & Aesthetic Center team on hand for guidance
  • We’ll review payroll and benefits
  • We’ll explore your integration roadmap.

6. Integration

  • We’ll go over compliance and introduce you to our technological stack
  • Human resources, accounting, billing, and revenue management will be integrated
  • Records and branding will be finalized

Get back to what matters. Treating patients

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