Who We Are

Skin and Aesthetic Centers is a Comprehensive, Physician Management Services Organization. There is strength in numbers. Through collaborative partnerships with select physician groups, we leverage economies of scale, shared resources and tenured business leadership to drive exponential value. As recent events have taught us, our businesses need to be prepared for just about anything. Business continuity is a term that historically hasn’t been prevalent in medical practices. Now, with the influences of a pandemic changing the way we run our practices as well as our lives, business continuity and the ability to provide care to our patients, even when they can’t come to the office, is a major priority.

Skin & Aesthetic Centers is powered by a cloud infrastructure platform that has evolved over 15 years of supporting medical offices. From centralized, cloud based telephony to hosted messaging, secure email and integrated support, we are able to provide a technology stack and level of guidance that separates Skin and Aesthetic Centers from other Management Services Organizations. As tele-medicine continues to evolve to match the fluctuation in demand, our billing and coding, technical and administrative teams are on the front lines making certain our providers are educated, secure and qualified for the maximum reimbursement.

To make sure that our partners always have 100% transparency into billing processes and claims management, Skin and Aesthetic Centers provides proprietary claims management, at the clearinghouse level. Our patented reimbursement automation and revenue cycle management technology as well services that empower medical business offices to cost-effectively collect the most money, in the shortest time possible, are true game changers. With real-time practice analytics on a custom application available from any cell phone our providers are more in touch with their practice and armed with actionable knowledge. Our ultimate goal is to bring relevant technology, world class support and thoughtful leadership to the practices we partner with.

Leadership Team

Robert Israel


205.580.1180 Ext 302


Robert brings vast experiences in operating businesses and achieving efficiency. He is currently on the board of Ogre Logistics providing guidance and strategic directions to the CEO and management team. He invested in Keg Logistics and grew the company’s value 30 times over the course of 3 years.

While growing the business, Robert led the merger of Keg Logistics and Atlas Keg Company. The synergy created through the transaction was extremely accretive which led to another transaction with Seaport Capital a year later.

Dan Rodgers


Email: DRodgers@skinandaesthetic.com

Phone: 813.967.5849

Dan’s passion is building a platform to unite medical practices with concentrated focus on superior patient care, exceptional customer service and employee focused principles.

This passion runs in parallel with his best of class technology, data analytics and revenue cycle management ventures.

The goal is to grow a gold standard brand consisting of dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and vein treatment practices.

Clayton Mobley


205.580.1180 Ext 301


Clayton is a proven executive who achieved early success with a large multi-national industrial company before founding Spartan Value Investors. The Spartan family now consists of six different entities and seven brands providing exceptional return with low volatility to investors. Clayton brought the same intensity and focus to start Green Rock in 2017. Clayton created sustainable investment programs at Green Rock that align investors’ best interests with that of the company, while maintaining disciplined standards to preserving capital. Throughout his entire experience, Clayton has built 4 businesses with Total Enterprise Value exceeding $260 million. He also hired and developed 4 CEOs and 8 senior executives.

Tara Watson

Tara Watson

VP of Operations

An experienced leader with an established history of working in complex, progressive healthcare & SaaS industries. Skilled in business development, clinical applications, healthcare operations, product marketing, sales leadership and client communication.

Bruce E. Katz, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Katz provides guidance and leadership to the medical team at SACA. He develops the protocols and guidelines for the clinical staff and evaluates the effectiveness and impact upon the patient quality of care.

Bill Nabors


205.580.1180 Ext 306


As COO for freetextbooks.com, his operational and financial expertise caught the eye of Green Rock where he became the interim CFO for a portfolio company in the mining industry. After restructuring their balance sheet and stabilizing cash flow, he was charged with deploying Green Rock Fund I ($7 million) and Fund II ($23 million).

Bill possesses expertise in underwriting credit transactions for small and medium businesses. Bill has a Bachelor degree from Samford University.

Dan Nguyen


205.580.1180 Ext 308


Dan has vast experiences with investment banking and corporate venture capital. During his career, he was involved with a number of transactions including sell-side M&A, IPO, and acquisition financing.

In addition, Dan always has a passion for healthcare investing and an appreciation for the complexities of the healthcare system. His wife is a pharmacist and his brother currently attend medical school to be an anesthesiologist. Dan has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University.

Page S. Piland

Director of Operations

Page is an accomplished Executive Leader. He is a business growth and performance specialist with a consistent history of exceeding expectations and delivering positive results.

He is passionate about employee talent development, helping employees to reach their highest potential and improving the business processes.