Clinical Autonomy

Maintain Autonomy

Clinical Autonomy is the cornerstone to our business model.

To learn more about how Skin & Aesthetic Centers of America ensures that our physician partners maintain autonomy, click the link below and initiate a confidential conversation with one of our partnership associates.

Physician Autonomy and Job Satisfaction

Physician Autonomy and job satisfaction are paramount to the culture of Skin & Aesthetic Centers of America.

According to the AAFP, “Physician autonomy, the feeling that you are self-directed and can positively affect your work, is crucial to fostering job satisfaction and a culture of continuous quality improvement and creative problem solving. Unfortunately, physician autonomy is shrinking in many health care organizations, in part because teams are too big and workflows and changes are being dictated from the top down.” We couldn’t agree more. We depend on our physician leadership committee to help ethically guide our road map on patient care and responsible patient services. Our physicians are expected to exercise professional judgment to make care decisions that best meet the needs of patients and to engage and participate in matters related to quality, patient safety, and health system improvement.

If you have concerns over how a partnership or external investment might affect your physician autonomy, please let us know. We would love the opportunity to discuss our business model and to illustrate how a partnership with Skin & Aesthetic Centers of America can help you reach your goals while maintaining your autonomy and control over your career.